The Story Behind How Ryan Crouser Became the World's Best Shot Putter

The Story Behind How Ryan Crouser Became the World’s Best Shot Putter

The shot put is a curious event. It is a simple throw made with a metal ball, but it can produce a wide range of emotions. It is an event that can make the winner feel overjoyed while the loser can feel embarrassed. It can also be an event that can leave a state of shock and bewilderment. The shot put is an event that can make a person feel invincible and yet leave that same person feeling like nothing. This is the story of how one person made their way to the top of the world in one of the most complicated events out there.

The History of the Shot Put

The Shot Put is an event that has been around for centuries, with its roots in the Ancient Celtic tradition of “putting the stone”. The first competitions resembling the modern Shot Put occurred in the Middle Ages, when soldiers used cannon balls during the events. It wasn’t until the early 19th century that the sport began to be a part of local competitions. In 1866, it was played as an event in British Amateur Athletics and then added to the Olympic Games in 1896 for men and 1948 for women. Unlike most of the traditional athletic events, shot put likely owes its lineage to the Ancient Greeks who would throw stones as sport. The sport has evolved over time, but the goal remains the same; participants must stand inside a circle and attempt to “put” a weighted ball as far as they possibly can.

Ryan Crouser’s Career

Ryan Crouser is a track & field star, having won two Olympic gold medals in the shot put. He recently joined the Razorbacks as a volunteer assistant for the men’s track & field program. In addition to his Olympic success, he has also set an Olympic record in the shot put and won a gold medal at the Rio Olympics 2016. He holds the third best shot put in history with a massive 23.01m/75-6 and has had 127 career throws of 22m or better. His impressive athletic achievements have earned him a place as one of the leading athletes in the USA, not only in the shot put and discus throw sport but in athletics as a whole.

The Shot Put World Record

Ryan Crouser has recently made history in the shot put event, shattering the long-standing world record of 31 years. His remarkable throw of 23.38 meters at the Simplot Games in Pocatello on Saturday was an outright men’s world record, surpassing his previous indoor world record of 22.82m and outdoor world record of 23.37m, which he set at the 2021 US Olympic trials. The two-time Olympic champion has not only cemented his place in history as a shot put champion, but his incredible feat also demonstrates his immense talent and determination.

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