Game Of Thrones star stopped watching after his character died

Ciaran Hinds and Carice van Houten on Game Of Thrones

Ciaran Hinds and Carice van Houten on Game Of Thrones
Photo: Helen Sloan (HBO)

Despite the fervent backlash against the divisive Game Of Thrones finalGeorge RR Martin’s Gloomy world of political intrigue and vicious sexism will return this summer. But while House Of The Dragon hits HBO this August, some of the denizens of Westeros still haven’t finished the first game.

In a recent chat with NMEfan-favorite Ciaran Hindswho played the Free Folk chieftain Mance Rayder for several seasons on the show, stopped watching the series after his character got the ax (or the arrow).

“He knows that he has the capability to be the spokesperson, but he didn’t put himself higher than the rest of them,” the actor said of his character’s popularity. “I think that’s probably why people followed him. I didn’t follow the show once Mance died, so I owe myself a treat once I stop working to watch it from beginning to end.”

Would someone give this guy a vacation so he can catch up on Game Of Thrones? Hey, maybe ignorance is bliss.

While he might not know the fates of Jon Snow and the rest of the gang, Hinds is very clear about Rayder. He didn’t bother with any of the extraneous nonsense that we usually see from people who lead. He said: ‘This is what the issue is, I believe in it, these people need help, and we are going to take action. And I will be as they are, and I will live the life that they do.’”

“It’s not leading from the front,” Hinds said.It’s leading from the centerin a way, because he’s right in the middle of it.”

Hinds only has four months to finish this bad boy off if he wants to know what’s happening in the prequel series, House Of The Dragonwhich premieres on August 21.


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